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7. Bora 4x3 Metre Rectangle

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- Made from cast and extruded aluminium, and powder coated in a metallic graphite finish, this umbrella is built to last and is so easy to use.

- A wind on the crank handle and the umbrella opens and closes.

- A pull on the pistol grip handle, with a press on the locking button and the canopy tilts and locks into 6 possible positions to an incline of 25 degrees.

- A crank on the turning handle and the umbrella rotates on its own axis, and automatically locks into its final position.

- And when you no longer require shade, just wind the canopy down, tilt the umbrella back on to itself, and put on its own protective cover.

So compact and so easy!

- Made from olefin fabric, quick drying, strong and resistant to abrasion, staining, sunlight, chemicals and mildew.

Added to that, olefin is great for protecting you from the sun, being UPF 20 to 30 (95% to 96% U.V. protection) ( Please see under fact sheets for full details)

- 1 year warranty on frame and 2 year warranty on canopy. - Excludes wind damage. ( Please see warranty conditions under fact sheets for full details)


Pistol Grip with press handle lock,incorporating wind-up crank lift handle.

Vertical tilt & lock of canopy to 25 degrees.

With a crank on the turning handle,located on the main mast, the umbrella rotates thru 360 degrees on its axis.

Steel framed ballast base (supplied) for use with concrete pavers.

Or use with optional plastic coated, concrete filled, 25 kg ballast pavers

Centre Hub can accommodate our own powerful 3 stage LED light set with remote control & USB charging lead.

With easy to use day & night protective cover included


Colours Available: Textured Beige Olefin
, Textured Taupe Olefin
, Textured Charcoal(Black/Grey)Olefin


Textured Black/Grey Olefin Fabric (Sorry, I am completely SOLD OUT!)

Textured Taupe Olefin Fabric (Sorry, I am completely SOLD OUT!)

Textured Beige Olefin Fabric (Sorry, I am completely SOLD OUT!)


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